Backyard Bbq Blast


Backyard Bbq Blast 

Friday, August 19th 

Amateur Competition Official Entry Form

(please print, fill out and send to address below with payment)

REMEMBER:  Complete your registration & purchase your wristbands by August 1st to receive your $10 worth of food/beverage coupons.  Please allow five days for mailing — any wristband request received after August 1st will NOT receive wristbands with the food and beverage tickets.





City, State, Zip______________________________

Evening phone______________________________

Day phone_________________________________

Email address_______________________________

Team name_________________________________

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Please check each category you plan to enter

(you may enter just one/ or all).

Ribs___    Pork___    Beef___    Poultry___    Game/other meats____

(Remember: Your Bbq rig must fit in 12 ’x 12 ’space)

If you plan to purchase backyard tee shirts please indicate how many of each size(s) needed: S___M___L___XL___2X___3X___

Entry fee $25.00 ___________________

Wristbands ____ @ $20 each _____________.  Purchase by Aug 1st for advance bands w/food coupons.

For IN State Fire Marshal rules, please log onto:

Madison RibberFest

601 W. First St

Madison, IN 47250

For Official Use Only

Entrant #_______________________________

Check #________________________________

Competition Cntrl #_______________________