Pigmania — “The REAL reason people come to the river during Ribberfest.” Dr. Kevin Watkins

The reality is — everyone loves the concrete pigs — So Kev you are pretty much right :)


The creativity AGAIN this year was incredible.  They were ALL winners — but the following were selected as:


 People’s Choice Award — Chew-Bacon the Wookie

                     by Mane Attractions

 Judges’ Award — Chris P. Bacon

                     by Madison Auto Collision


THANK YOU ALL for participating — and giving great memories to our crowd.





The pigs are on the river and you won’t believe what they’ve done this year – AWESOME!  Starting at 5 p.m. Friday you can see them in all their glory!  You’ll find these entertaining porkers prominently featured in the concrete corral!  3-D art at it’s best!

Please visit and support the businesses displaying the best looking concrete pigs you’ll find anywhere.

Thanks to all the participants who competed last year.  It’s not easy being in this competition — the creativity is surpassed every year and it isn’t easy deciding who has done the better job :)  WAIT A MINUTE — I’ve got it — YOU ALL did an outstanding job!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Hope you are ready to get those pigs in top-notch shape and competitive ready!
Thanks to chairman Kevin Watkins and his incredible committee!  Moving all those pigs is one of the most labor intensive jobs we have — and they manage it like they are moving styro foam pigs.
Thanks again Kev!
Once again Andersons’ Sales & Service will provide assistance in hauling the pigs. Andersons’ also makes sure we have transportation on the river front on event weekend.

Pigmania is a great way to support Ribberfest and have fun in the community while doing it. You can adopt or purchase a pig; we deliver it to your business for you to decorate and display at your business or home until we pick it up event week. It will be on display at Ribberfest, and everyone who attends will have the chance to vote for your pig.


Adopt-a-pig $125/year

Decorate it to reflect your business, personality, or statement. We deliver it to you; all you have to do from there is keep at your business or home until we pick it up and place it on display during Ribberfest.