Event number 17 coming August 17-18, 2018!


Friday headliner — WALTER TROUT!

Wristband prices will remain at $30 presale and advance, $35 gate.

Pre-sale wristbands will be $30 with $10 in food coupons while supply lasts.

Advance wristbands will be $30 but they will NOT have food coupons.  They go on sale after the Pre-sale and will remain available until August 16th

Wristbands will be $35 at the gate; if you purchase on Friday your wristband will be good for both days.

Any questions about wristband purchases please call Kathy at 812-701-0127.


We are always looking for new people to bring fresh ideas, new muscle, and great enthusiasm to the event.  If you think you’d like to volunteer and be a part of our team — please call me Kathy Ayers, Event Director — 812-701-0127.  We’d love, no we need, to have you.  Thanks.

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  1. Monica Boylson says:

    Can you still sign up a team for Ribberfest 2014?

    • Kathy Ayers says:

      Hi Monica,
      I see you posted this on May 26th, and I hope you have already signed up — but by all means we still have some room.
      Thanks for your interest in Ribberfest.

  2. K.E. Miller says:

    The big downer at Ribberfest is that the locals treat the time when the bands are playing as a time for a yak fest. There are times when I could not hear the band(s)!.
    I would love to see Deanna Bogart again but I don’t think that I can stand the rude behavior of the people who generally attend the event.

    • Kathy Ayers says:

      Hi KE — sorry about the problem you have mentioned. As we love to bring top rate talent to our festival we do know Ribberfest is a great time for people to reconnect. Not just locals but visitors that have been coming for years look for old friends. Deanna is an awesome talent and we are thrilled she is returning to our venue. Is there any chance you could go up closer to the stage when there is someone special you don’t want to miss? Generally our crowd is well behaved but I do know there are times when being in a crowd can be challenging. Hope you will come again this year — we are proud of our line-up.

  3. Anais Habegger says:

    I see that there is a kid area but does that mean they have to stay in it or are children allowed all over the festival?

    • Kathy Ayers says:

      Yes, by all means kids are welcome all over the festival. But the Piglet Pen is a designated area where kids can play games and enjoy inflatables in a supervised setting. There are 3 sessions lasting four hours each during the weekend and the cost is $6 per child and if they have sibblings it’s $5 each for two and and $4 each for 3 or more.

  4. Paula Hensley says:

    Still waiting for lineup! hope it is JJGrey and Mofro! Scotty Bratcher Band,
    Carolyn Wonderland!!!!

  5. Cindy Tibbett says:

    What about parking? Where do you park for this event? My husband is handicapped and I realize there is handicapped parking but we are coming a long way and I’m afraid it will be full when we get there.

    • Kathy Ayers says:

      There are parking lots within a few blocks of our event, and street parking as well. You may drop your husband at the West St. gate entrance and find our handicap parking on Vaughn Drive east of the event and on West St north of the gates. We do have golf car shuttles running throughout the east end and they will be happy to take you to the West Gate entrance after you have parked. Thank you for your question.

      • Bert says:

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