2021 Line-up!
Ribberfest Beer Garden Tent Tap Line-up:

New Madison Brewing Company   Raspberry Wheat

Upland Brewing Company   Champagne Velvet

Mad Paddle Brewstillery   Wickett Blonde

Mad Paddle Brewstillery   Blood Orange

Upland Brewing Company   Campfire Session IPA

Metazoa Brewing Company   Hoppopotamus

Metazoa Brewing Company   Puppy slumber

The Bier Brewery   Ruby Bloom

New Madison Brewing Company   Vanilla Porter

Upland Brewing Company   Bad Elmer


Bud Light

Michelob Ultra

Modelo Negra

Shock Top

Friday One-Off Tap

Metazoa Brewing Company   Meadowlark Saison

Saturday One-Off Tap

New Madison Brewing Company   Australian IPA

21+ ages are permitted entrance. All persons entering the Beer Garden tent will have their I.D. checked. 

Insurance liabilities does not allow alcohol to be carried into or out of our event. The policy to not allow food and drink carried in, limits the potential of outside alcohol violation.