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GRAND CHAMPION    Blue Chip BBQ - Louisville, KY

RESERVE GRAND CHAMPION     Continental Barbecue Co. - Charlestown, IN

3rd place     Booya Q

4th place     Local Yokels BBQ

5th place     WeQ4U

6th place     Scuffletown Smokers

7th place     Memphis Original BBQ

8th place     Big Dogg's BBQ

9th place     Piggin' Whiskey

10th place    Thunder Hog BBQ


1st place     Booya Q - Caeleton, MI

2nd place    ACME BBQ

3rd place     Local Yokels BBQ

4th place     WeQ4U

5th place    Scuffletown Smokers

6th place     IBQ'

7th place     Piggin' Whiskey

8th place     Glamping Grillers

9th place     SmokinGhost BBQ

10th place    Blue Chip BBQ


1st place     Scuffletown Smokers - Boonville, IN

2nd place   Continental Barbecue Co.

3rd place    BBQ Maestros

4th place    Grey Street BBQ

5th place    Glamping Grillers

6th place    Blue Chip BBQ

7th place    We Will Rock Que

8th place    Memphis Orignal BBQ

9th place    SmokinGhost BBQ

10th place   Music City Smoke


1st place     Blue Chip BBQ - Louisville, KY 

2nd place   Big Dogg's BBQ

3rd place    WeQ4U

4th place    Memphis Original BBQ

5th place    Booya BBQ

6th place    Local Yokels BBQ

7th place    Continental Barbecue Co.

8th place    McQ Smokers

9th place    Bar-Beam-Que

10th place   Extra Mile BBQ


1st place     Continental Barbecue Co. - Charlestown, IN

2nd place   Grey Street BBQ

3rd place    Hoggy Bottom Boys KY

4th place    Hot Cole's BBQ

5th place    WeQ4U

6th place    Loaded-N-Rollin' BBQ

7th place    Blue Chip BBQ

8th place    Piggin' Whiskey

9th place    Thunder Hog BBQ

10th place   IBQ'


1st place     Whiskey Whiskey BBQ - Veedersburg, IN

2nd place   Grey Street BBQ

3rd place    Zachs-River Valley Century 21


1st place    McQ Smokers - Madison, IN

2nd place   Soul Pig BBQ

3rd place    Zachs-River Valley Century 21

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