rules and regulations

All BBQ entries must be cooked on site. This means no parboiling at home then finishing onsite. Fires shall be of wood or charcoal, use of electricity to cook is not allowed. Anyone who loves to fire-up BBQ is welcome to compete in this friendly neighborhood cook-off. Just fill out the enclosed application and get ready! And, please, amateur cooks only--REMEMBER, if you have ever made money cooking you are considered a pro! 


Where, How and When? The Blast area will be on Vaughn drive between West St. and Mulberry St., and this area will be open for your use at 6:00 am, Friday, August 20th. You must bring your own BBQ rig. Spaces will be approximately 12' x 12' and teams will have more space between then than usual. Please bring a fire-retardant, approved canopy if you wish. You should cook over charcoal, or you may bring wood, chips, special briquettes, etc. Electricity will not be allowed.   


Why? What could be more fun than cooking up some delicious BBQ and listening to great blues music, meeting new people, and generally having a great town party on the Ohio River! We'll see you there!

  1.  All cooking must be carried out in a hygienic and safe manner. All raw meats must be kept on ice if not on the fire. All other safe practices must be followed.

  2. Teams that share their recipes and cooking methods may be featured in an article by the RoundAbout Madison.

  3. Teams will not be allowed to set-up before 6:00 a.m. Friday. No one is allowed past the barricades until placed by a volunteer. If anyone drives or walks onto the site to claim a spot before being places, their food will be eaten by the volunteers, the BBQ equipment auctioned, and we'll keep your truck.

There are new rules concerning our event from the IN State Fire Marshal, please go to: